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“Ohhh… poor thing… I know. Its so hard to decide when you are meeting me”

He came over… and I went to my knees. I was hoping to fuck my way out of it…

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Is daddy’s little girl making his peepee feel better?

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Francesca Le???

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Two hands…..perfect

   Jack has dad’s eyes, the nordic blue hues gave focus when their minds craved something only a mouth can satisfy. Ice cold blue, with deep rivers of magenta touching the iris as it generates waves to the outer ring of the pupil hard at work. Jack has dad’s lean form from when dad was younger and a very athletic male. Jack has dad’s breath control, something good genes breed. Jack also had dad’s obsession with hard Black Dick, something else good genes breed. Even at the tender age of 19, Jack held this fascination above all else, jealous the Black Dick which Jack could not walk away from held such magnificent allure to all white holes which drooled for its embrace. Jack has dad’s need to suck Black Dick like s gutter slut and Jack only felt alive when Jack could feel the hard work come to fruition while the balls of the Dick Jack worshiped began to boil and travel a load of delicious love into such a hard working mouth, the shaft erupting its warm treasure, the lips of a cock-sucker mining a wealth. Jack was a born cock-sucker, the nordic blood rushed through veins of this all American youth. It surged as Jack felt bliss while in religious serving to Dick which fed jack’s immoral soul. Jack’s heart pumped life giving hormones through this truly depraved and very, very cum thirsty son of a cock-sucking faggot. Jack felt the age old sensations and it made Jack feel of value.

   Jack has mom’s moist, supple lips which never stayed dry too long once the steel blue eyes born to the nordic blood focused and saw a hard Dick beckoning those succulent lips. Lips that kissed, caressed, felt the stiff appreciation for the youthful beauty Jack was. Jack has mom’s hunger for the taste of hard meat that made Jack feel erotic, not just slutty like dad was, sucking Dick gave Jack the feeling Jack could do anything and would do anything once that sweet flavor of Man entered a mouth made to soothe the savage beast. A hope that if Jack’s lingering tongue, which also mamma passed on, would dance across this viper of lust and make the waves of seed flow like a river feeding such a hungry and well deserved youth the load, oh the load which gave Jack such feelings. Such a powerful need exploding and showing the colors of being a cock-sucking little faggot with a pussy that ever knelt for Dick and drained the balls dry. Jack has mom’s nipples, big for the size of breast Jack holds tight in two sports bras and a tank top t-shirt. Always professional in appearance, always the perfect looking guy. Jack’s nipples are meant to be pinched and held while Jack’s furious mouth works the last few minutes of drool on a hard shaft that will soon spew forth the fluids of which a faggot dreams, how baby making flavorful nirvana. 

   Jack has mom’s wet snatch. You see, dear reader, Jack was born Jackie but Jackie didn’t like boys so Jack began to chase skirts. Kissing them behind the bleachers when their boyfriends weren’t around, Jack became their first experiments. Jackie liked being Jack so much Jack was lost in a blurred past. Jack learned how pussy tasted, Jack learned how girls humped pillows in slumber party debauchery. Jack learned what made girls wet, and what made girls feel devious. Over time, however, Jack began to notice Jack could not do certain things, and became jealous of the hard Dick Jack could not feed girls, and leave spanked from. The hunger of the ages burned inside Jack until Jack knew what Jack needed to do. Just like dad, who Jack watched while making the front hole soaking wet until it too had to spew and make that truly huge clit shudder like hard Dick. Jack had watched for years. Jack knew what drove a faggot wild, and Jack knew what a front was for when fingers were busy all on their own. Jack had seen mom use hers often, and loved seeing mom’s huge clit quiver and quake while she spat on it, slapped it, called it ” filthy ugly cunt bitch fuck stick”. It took time, bit Jack realized why dad an mom stayed together so long. Mom’s clit was bigger than dad’s Dick. Jack saw dad sucking and lick it like it was a Black Man’s pole and dad always found pleasure in sucking mom’s clit into a lather. Jack would often masturbate to dad’s technique, imitating dad’s tongue with Jack’s nimble and truly skilled fingers. Once Jack came home late from a date with a sweet tasting blonde and saw dad licking a Black Man’s ass from behind while mom had her snatch filled with this Man’s Dick. Pumped hard, fucked like a breed cow mooing for a load, her clit hit the Black Man’s pelvis and made her shake like a Black stripper in a white man’s face. Jack has mom’s huge clit, it grows like a stiff Dick in a young male’s crotch when the young white mouth drinks down hard Black Dick in a splendid show of adoration for an obsession born into the genetic code so very long ago. 

   Jack is a female to male transgendered sexually alive person. I like playing with Jack, sending Jack out to hunt skirts, then coming back to tell all about the last conquest while Jack kneels and sucks My Dick until Jack swallows the first load of heaven Jack needs to feel like a strong predatory youth. I fuck Jack so Jack can go back and fuck the skirts Jack chases with the same vigor, the attention to detail on how a Man fucks pussy and ass and how a Man makes a wet hole surrender. Jack never had a male figure in the past, now I mold Jack to be one. Jack is a very good boy.


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